Urban Farming Activism: Lehman College Garden

Located on a tree-lined 37-acre campus, right in the middle of the Bronx, Lehman College has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for both peppers and partnership with Small Axe.

We began donating our seedlings to the Lehman College Gardens in May of 2015 and couldn’t be happier with the results. They tend their gardens with great care — growing and harvesting the plump, locally-grown, organic, serrano peppers that go into our signature Bronx Hot Sauce.

This cross-campus, cooperative project between Small Axe and Lehman welcomes any student interested in participating. By offering an open air space and a therapeutic practice, these gardens have sparked a series of exciting developments.

A component of Lehman’s students are attending the adult education center for ESL courses. However, although some of them don’t speak English natively, they have extensive gardening experience they brought with them from their home countries.

Conversely, for many of Lehman’s local students who grew up in the Bronx, the project provides them an opportunity to work in a garden for the first time. While they may speak English natively, their urban-upbringing never offered them many opportunities to practice the art of gardening.

The Lehman gardens offers an ideal place for both groups to come together, get some fresh air, and interact with one another. The ESL students have the chance to practice English with native speakers and the local students have the chance to learn about horticulture from experienced gardeners.

By allowing them all to get their hands dirty literally —  these gardens both spark students’ imaginations and spread awareness about sustainability and the nutritional value of local produce.

Small Axe is proud to work with Lehman College to the help the Bronx go green! Remember, each purchase of Small Axe Peppers directly supports community gardens project at Lehman College. Help grow their garden by purchasing our signature Red or Green Bronx Hot Sauce.