Urban Farming Activism: La Finca Del Sur
Serrano Peppers Growing for Small Axe Hot Sauce

To date, Small Axe has bought almost 8,000 pounds of peppers at a premium price from community gardens from urban farms across the country.  This translates to over $30,000 of total cash distributed to 15 community gardens.

Of course, while having fresh, locally-sourced peppers certainly results in tastier and spicier hot sauce products, we are equally excited about boosting the efforts of our amazing partners and all the love and care they put into their gardens. 

Make no mistake, the urban farming activists we work with see community gardening as much more than a place to grow produce and make money. In fact, generating revenue is hardly a top priority for many of these socially conscious horticulturists — although we’re happy to help them out.

Nothing highlights the roles that community gardens play in community-building better than our partners at La Finca Del Sur in the South Bronx.

See how this partnership began:

What began as the vision of two South Bronx women who saw an opportunity in an empty lot filled with garbage and weeds, has transformed into a charming green space that not only grows vegetables but also leadership skills amongst females in the community.

This urban farmer cooperative led by Latina and Black women and their allies is committed to building healthy neighborhoods through economic empowerment, increased nutritional awareness, training and education, and advocating for social and political equality for food justice in low-income communities.

Remember, each bottle of Small Axe Hot Sauce purchased directly supports and empowers the efforts of the amazing women at La Finca Del Sul and our other urban faming activists around the country.

Help grow a community garden today!