Small Axe Peppers Celebrates a Decade of Urban Farming Impact with Community Gardens Nationwide

New York, NY – [April 18, 2024] – Small Axe Peppers, a pioneering social enterprise, is proud to announce the commencement of its tenth growing season, celebrating a decade of transformative impact through partnerships with urban farms and community gardens across the United States. Founded in 2015 with just five community garden partners in the Bronx, Small Axe Peppers has grown to collaborate with 35 gardens in 17 states, proving the viability of urban agriculture in fostering community and sustainability.

From its inception, Small Axe Peppers was met with skepticism about the viability of sourcing commercially successful products from areas like The Bronx, New York City’s poorest borough. Defying expectations, the company has not only thrived but has also spearheaded a new economic model that supports urban agriculture initiatives nationwide. In 2023 alone, partner gardens collectively grew over 5,536 pounds of peppers, translating into more than $20,000 in income for the gardens involved.

“We’ve seen the incredible work these community gardens do—whether it’s providing fresh produce for food banks, creating extracurricular opportunities for students, or offering jobs to refugees,” said John Crotty, Founder of Small Axe Peppers. “Each garden is a hub where community members unite to share meals and ideas and collaborate on creating a better tomorrow. Our mission is to support these efforts by providing a reliable, sustainable funding source.”

As a certified B-Corp, Small Axe Peppers commits to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The company routinely undergoes audits to maintain its certification, ensuring that partner gardens are paid a premium for their produce.

This week marks the beginning of what promises to be another fruitful season. “We sent out packets of seeds and seedlings to our partner gardens across America, ready to start the growing season together,” Crotty continued. “After a challenging winter, and facing uncertainty about our future, we realized we made it through because of the unwavering support from our customers. Small Axe Peppers exists because people believe in what we do and choose our hot sauce, allowing us to continue supporting community gardens across the country.”

Small Axe Peppers invites community gardeners, urban farmers, and the public to engage with and support their mission. For those interested in joining or learning more about the network, the company encourages reaching out as the planting season begins.

“We are immensely grateful for the support over the years, and we are eager to see what the next decade brings,” concluded Crotty. “Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey. Here’s to more growth, more impact, and more delicious hot sauce on dinner tables nationwide.”

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About Small Axe Peppers: Small Axe Peppers is dedicated to creating high-quality hot sauces while supporting urban gardens and farms through sustainable, socially conscious business practices. By partnering with community gardens and paying a premium for their peppers, Small Axe Peppers helps to nurture local economies and promote urban agricultural projects across the United States.


John Crotty
Small Axe Peppers