Chef King Holiday Box Gift Set (2 bottles, T-Shirt, Seeds)


Looking for the perfect gift set for the hot sauce lover in your life? Look no further than Small Axe Peppers! Our Chef King Holiday Box Gift Set includes:

-Two Small Axe Hot Sauces of your choosing

-A Hot Sauce T-Shirt

-Serrano Pepper Seeds

With this gift set, they’ll be able to enjoy two delicious hot sauces and even grow their own peppers! The hot sauce t-shirt is the perfect way to show their love of hot sauce, and they’ll be able to wear it with pride. This is a gift set that any hot sauce lover is sure to love – so don’t delay, order today!



The ultimate Chef King Holiday Box Gift Set is here from Small Axe Peppers! Our Chef King Holiday Box includes: Two Small Axe Hot Sauces of your choosing, a Hot Sauce T-Shirt, & Serrano Pepper Seeds.

What’s Inside The Hot Sauce Gift Set?

  1. Select 2 Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauces of Your Choice
    From the spicy yet flavorful Habanero Mango Hot Sauce to the scorching Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, you can choose from any of our community garden grown hot sauces. Remember, Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce is made with peppers purchased from community gardens in cities across America.
  2. Select a Small Axe Peppers T-Shirt
    I mean c’mon, what kinda Hot Sauce Gift Set would we be offering if it didn’t come with some merchandise? That’s right you can choose from T-shirts that feature our: Oakland Hot Sauce, Atlanta Hot Sauce, Detroit Hot Sauce, Texas Hot Sauce, Los Angeles Hot Sauce and Bronx Hot Sauce. Or some other more general Small Axe Peppers branded designs.
  3. Serrano Pepper Seeds
    That’s right, included in every Hot Sauce Gift Set are the same non-GMO pepper seeds our community garden partners use to grow fresh, delicious serranos for Small Axe Peppers makers of The Bronx Hot Sauce. Now you can have fresh spice all year long! These seeds can be grown indoor in pots, or outside starting in the spring. Whether you are a first time gardener, or have a green thumb, we invite you to check out the growing guide on our website for best practices and gardening tips! Yep, with this Hot Sauce Gift Set, you’ll may even be making your own hot sauce!

A Gift That Gives Back

If you’ve tried our hot sauces, then you already know we bring the heat (along with the flavor). Our hot sauces are crafted to perfection by a visionary chef that blends fresh, locally-produced peppers grown in a community garden near you.

However, despite our obsession with mastering the culinary craft that is making hot sauce, Small Axe Peppers is — and always has been — about community activism. In a serendipitous turn of events, two great ideas collided resulting in a hot sauce that serves the community.

In fact, we see ourselves as much hot sauce makers as social activists and we really believe in the power of community gardening and urban farming. So buying Small Axe hot sauce really is a gift that gives back.