Hot Ones Challenge (10 bottles)

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Looking for the perfect gift for the chili head in your life? Look no further than the Ultimate Hot Sauce Gift Set from Small Axe Peppers! This set includes all 10 of our delicious sauces, from mild to wild, so they can make their own Hot Ones Challenge at home. Plus, it comes packaged in a stylish gift box, making it the perfect present for any occasion. So don’t wait – get them the gift that keeps on giving with the Ultimate Hot Sauce Gift Set!



Now you can make your very own Hot Ones style challenge, using only hot sauces sourced and made from local urban farms and community gardens. The ten hot sauces, from mild to wild, in this shipment include:

1) The Chicago Hot Sauce – Chicago Hot Sauce is a jalapeño-based spice up of the windy city’s most defining flavors: yellow mustard, dill pickles, spicy relish and celery salt.

2) Queens 7 Hot Sauce – Queens 7 Hot Sauce captures many of the vibrant flavors of Queen’s ethnic neighborhoods in just one bottle. Join us in celebrating the diverse tastes that make Queens great.

3) Bronx Green Hot Sauce – The Bronx Green Hot Sauce is made using 6 all natural ingredients, grown right here in New York. The sweet yet bitter bite of the apple cider vinegar is masterfully balanced by the garlic-forward base and fiery spice from the locally sourced Serrano peppers.
The Bronx Green Hot Sauce

4) The Oakland Hot Sauce The Oakland Hot Sauce is a spiced up blend of some of Northern California’s most defining flavors: fresh peppers, garlic, carrots, and California raisins. A fusion of sweet raisins from and smoke paprika, this jalapeño/serrano mixed sauce will add the perfect touch of heat to your next chicken or pork.
The Oakland Hot Sauce

5) The Bronx Red Hot SauceThe Bronx Red Hot Sauce get its smooth taste and rosy color from the late-season peppers — grown right here in the Bronx — which are left on the vine for several weeks longer leaving a mature and vine ripe taste.

6) The Baltimore Hot Sauce – The Baltimore Hot Sauce is double spiced – first from the habanero peppers and then from the fresh ginger. This unique combination of flavors gives it a unique Caribbean-style flavor.

7) The Atlanta Hot Sauce – ***Please note that while we cook more Atlanta Hot Sauce, we will be shipping two bottle of our best selling The Bronx Hot Sauce Green until this flavor is back in stock *** The Atlanta Georgia Peach Hot Sauce is as spicy as it is flavorful. Made with thai chili peppers and peaches, this spicy chutney ends with the sweetness of the peaches Georgia is famous for. Expect a sting of heat balanced out by a splash of sweet!

8) Los Angeles Hot Sauce – Los Angeles Habanero Mango Hot Sauce is as spicy as it is flavorful. Made with mangoes and tamarind paste, this fruity Southeast Asian hot sauce has the consistency of a chutney and the sweetness of a delicious Thai curry. Expect a sting of heat balanced out by a splash of sweet!

9) The Detroit Hot SauceThe Detroit Hot Sauce gets its flavor from a unique combination of ghost peppers, habanero, chipotle peppers and carrots which blend together to produce a signature sweet and smoky flavor that captures the essence of the Motor City.

10) The Texas Hot SauceThe Texas Hot Sauce is possibly the hottest Small Axe Peppers flavor to date. It is made with habanero peppers grown in gardens across the great state of Texas. It blends of some of the Lone Star State’s  most defining flavors into one bottle with a tangy tamarind finish.


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