Hot Ones Two Pack – Bronx Hot Sauce and Habanero Mango

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This two pack gives you the chance to try BOTH hot sauces featured on Hot Ones! Season Five featured The Bronx Hot Sauce “the tastiest hot sauce we have ever had on the show” according to Sean Evans, and a top Alton Brown pick as well from episode 15. Season 7 saw the debut of the much spicier, but no less flavorful, Habanero Mango.

These hot sauces were made with peppers grown in community gardens in The Bronx and 8 other cities across the United States: from Sacramento to Charlottesville, Hartford to San Diego. We source our peppers from these gardens at premium prices so that the gardeners can earn income to support themselves and the maintenance of the gardens. Each bottle purchased directly supports the gardeners who grow peppers for these hot sauces.

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