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Habanero Mango Hot Sauce is as spicy as it is flavorful. Made with mangoes and tamarind paste, this fruity Southeast Asian hot sauce has the consistency of a chutney and the sweetness of a delicious Thai curry.

Pairs perfectly with eggs, stir fry, and any soups for a sting of heat balanced by a splash of sweet!

Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango Hot Sauce is made with peppers are sourced from community gardens and urban farms in cities across the United States. San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Charlottesville, and many more have all sold peppers at premium prices to Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce.

Heat Level: Medium-Hot

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  1. Ana Chen

    Spot on flavor with a perfect blend of what I would rank 7/10 heat. The mango and other flavors are blent perfectly with a great kick to the taste buds. A must have in the kitchen.

  2. Talita Yakabi

    Love this sauce! Amazing on EVERYTHING. Not “THAT HOT”.

  3. Brittany Sharp

    This sauce has a really good flavor, and I like the backstory. If I was rating spice level out of 10 I’d say 0.5.

  4. Dominic Guzzetti

    Seen this on the YouTube show Hot Ones and it’s my favorite hot sauce after my first bottle. It went quick, so I’m making a bigger purchase next time. And I’ll be using the coupon they give as well.

  5. Joe Cataldo

    Super good sauce. not crazy hot. Just full of flavor

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