Small Axe Peppers, Hot Ones Hot Sauce Two Pack (Season 5 and 7)

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Looking for a little heat in your life? With the Hot Ones Two Pack, you can enjoy two of the most popular hot sauces from the hit TV show, Hot Ones. The Bronx Hot Sauce and Habanero Mango are both packed with flavor and spice, and they’re perfect for livening up any dish.

The Bronx Hot Sauce was a hit on Season 5 of Hot Ones, with host Sean Evans calling it “the tastiest hot sauce we have ever had on the show.” Good Eat’s host Alton Brown also gave it high marks, making it a must-try for any hot sauce lover.

If you’re looking for something even spicier, the Habanero Mango hot sauce is perfect. This delicious sauce debuted on Season 7 of Hot Ones, and it quickly became a fan favorite. Made with premium peppers grown in sustainable gardens, this hot sauce is both flavorful and eco-friendly.

These sauces are made with peppers sourced from community gardens. By purchasing this two pack, you’ll be directly supporting the gardeners who grow peppers for these delicious sauces. So not only will your meals be more flavorful, but you’ll also be helping to support a good cause. Add some spice to your life with the Hot Ones Two Pack today!So if you’re looking to add a little heat to your life, look no further than the Hot Ones Two Pack. Try these two delicious hot sauces today!

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