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The Bronx Red Hot Sauce is made with serrano peppers grown in more than 40 community gardens throughout The Bronx. Each bottle purchased directly supports the gardens and gardeners who grow peppers for this hot sauce.

These red peppers are left on the vine for 6 weeks longer to give them a more mature and vine ripe taste. Made with 6 all natural ingredients, it is the late-season peppers that give this Bronx Hot Sauce a smoother taste than the original Bronx Hot Sauce green.

Heat Level: Medium-Hot 

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  1. Ella Dorsey

    Personally, I think this one tastes pretty similar to the green sauce. Maybe because they are both serrano peppers? Either way, its delicious!

  2. Aziz Bouadi

    Reppin’ the Bronx right with these locally sourced Serrano peppers! Nice spice, nice flavor. Yeah, these gusy do it right. Five stars hands down would recommend to anyone!

  3. Ulysse Zampogna

    Not too spicy but tons of flavor… 4/5… would buy again

  4. Okechi Okaroafor

    Hmm. ok. So. This hot sauce is good. It’s not terribly hot that is why I was hoping it would be my “put on everything “ winner. First off, it’s very yummy and many people who I have made try it agree it’s yummy. However, it doesn’t go with everything in my opinion and many of my friends agree. I think it works best with meat and as a condiment for deep flavored dishes. Works great on tacos and chicken. An all around sauce? Not for me. It’s too specific of a flavor.

  5. Alex Crooks

    I gave this three stars but I’m not sure that’s really fair. Bronx is a surprisingly tasty hot sauce. It’s a very casual sauce, not real hot. It has a very unique flavor though. It’s a weak flavor which is weird for a hot sauce… but it’s delicious. I’ve tried this sauce with chicken but the most interesting thing I’ve ate with this sauce has been a hamburger. If you’re aiming for a traditional hot sauce this isn’t what your looking for… but if your experimenting it’s worth the price tag.

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