Much More Than Just Delicious Hot Sauce
Our Mission
We want our hot sauce to connect you directly to community gardens and urban farms in your neighborhood.

Community Gardens are amazing resources in urban areas that are too often under-served. Each garden has a unique social mission, informed by the needs of the surrounding areas. From high school students, to immigrants and refugees, to people who simply want to enjoy a shady cool green space in the middle of the city, community gardens are places where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can come together.

Previously, these gardens depended on unreliable grants, donations, and out-of-pocket expenses to maintain their community gardens. Now, they are able to devote a portion of their garden to growing peppers as a cash crop, which allows them to fund their vital social programming.

Small Axe Peppers connects you directly to urban farms and community gardens in your neighborhood. You support these community gardens and urban farms each time you purchase this delicious hot sauce.

Where We Grow

Small Axe Peppers works with more than 75 community gardens in 15 cities across America.

We source our peppers from gardens at premium prices so gardens can earn income to support themselves and the maintenance of their gardens.

Total Cities


Partner Gardens

75 +

Pounds of Peppers


Cash Distributed

44328 $

How It Works

Small Axe History

It all started in The Bronx! The Bronx Hot Sauce was born in the spring of 2014 when Small Axe Peppers and GrowNYC donated serrano pepper seedlings to five community gardens in The Bronx. The following year, with the support of Bronx Green-Up of the New York Botanical Garden,  twenty additional gardens asked to participate. Together, they collectively grew almost a ton of serrano peppers, and a new economic model for urban farming was born!

Today, Small Axe Peppers has expanded its model to 15 cities across America, and purchased locally-grown peppers from more than 75 community gardens. More and more gardens ask to participate each year and we want to work with all of them!

Small Axe Peppers was founded by John A. Crotty, John Fitzgerald, Todd Snyder and Drew Doscher. Through their professional and personal experience, they understood that building communities cannot be done with just bricks and mortar. In order to be successful, communities are built by people working together.

We have a commitment to purchase core products (at least 50% of expenses) from independent suppliers local to New York City and its surrounding area.

Grow with Us

We would love to partner with a garden near you! Please feel free to reach out and suggest a community garden.

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