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Small Axe Peppers empowers community gardens by purchasing their locally grown peppers at premium prices.

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Small Axe Economics

Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce is made with peppers grown in community gardens throughout The United States. We source our peppers from gardens at premium prices so gardens can earn income to support themselves and the maintenance of their gardens.

In the spring, with the help of local non-profits, we distribute pepper seeds and seedlings to participating gardens free of charge. Over the course of the growing season, the gardens harvest, and we collect their pepper crop. We use these peppers in our hot sauces, according to a recipes developed by Culinary Institute of America graduate Chef King Phojonakong.

Each bottle of Bronx Hot Sauce purchased, directly supports the community gardens who grow these peppers.

Small Axe Mission
A single bottle of Small Axe Peppers contains much more than delicious hot sauce.

Small Axe Peppers empowers community gardens and urban farms to generate income doing what they do best – growing fresh and healthy produce. Previously, community gardeners depended on out of pocket expenses to fund and maintain their community gardens. Now, they are able to devote a small portion of their garden to growing a cash crop, which provides a self-sufficient funding stream  for the great work they are already doing.

We don’t make the hottest hot sauces. Nor do we want to! More than just heat, our hot sauces are spicy flavors that works on a variety of foods: eggs, chicken, fish, pork, sauce, or even bagels!  Our hot sauce recipes are inspired from Southeast Asian hot sauce, to Mexican hot sauce, and even Caribbean hot sauce. Each one of our hot sauces is unique and delicious, sweeter and more savory than other hot sauces, to add spice ad flavor to food without overpowering it with heat. We have a serrano hot sauce, a jalapeno hot sauce, habanero hot sauce, and even a ghost pepper hot sauce!

The flavor is as good as the story. All of our recipes contain all natural ingredients, uncompromised by chemical additives or artificial preservatives. Our peppers are locally-sourced, and our other ingredients come from quality sources as well.

Small Axe History

It all started in The Bronx! The Bronx Hot Sauce was born in the spring of 2014 when Small Axe Peppers and GrowNYC donated serrano pepper seedlings to five community gardens in The Bronx. The following year, with the support of Bronx Green-Up of the New York Botanical Garden,  twenty additional gardens asked to participate. Together, they collectively grew almost a ton of serrano peppers, which made over 15,000 bottles of hot sauce, and a new economic model for urban farming was born!

Since then, Small Axe Peppers has expanded its sourcing to nine other urban areas to purchase locally-grown peppers from more than 50 community gardens across the United States. More and more gardens ask to participate each year and we are open to partnering with all of them!

Grow with Us

We would love to partner with a garden near you! Please feel free to reach out and suggest a community garden partnership on the link below.

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