Hot Sauce Saves Lives
How Hot Are Serrano Peppers?

Do you like your heart? You know, that organ in your chest that keeps the ‘ole circulatory system a pumping?

And oxygen?

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say you appreciate the occasional fresh of breath air, every once in a while — particularly when flows harmoniously throughout your body, oxidizing all of your organs.

What about heart attacks? Are you one of the overwhelming majority of people who dislikes heart attacks? You know, those frustrating artery blockages that prevent your heart from receiving oxygen? What a disaster!

Well, if you like your heart but hate heart attacks, Small AxePeppers has exactly the thing for you are looking for — hot sauce!

Hot Sauce saves lives

Yep, you heard that correctly. Turns out Small Axe Peppers is not only in the business of providing world class hot sauce and empowering community gardens — we’re also out here saving lives! And just because we aren’t doctors doesn’t have the remedy you’re looking for!

According to this report from the always, reliable and never-fake-news-providing CNN, “eating chilies cuts risk of death from heart attack and stroke.”

Now we’ve been blogging on the health benefits of capsicum for a while, but according to a new report, which compared the risk of death among 23,000 people, some of whom ate chili and some of whom didn’t,¬†found that the risk of dying from a heart attack was 40% lower among those eating chili peppers at least four times per week.

“An interesting fact is that protection from mortality risk was independent of the type of diet people followed,” said study lead author Marialaura Bonaccio, an epidemiologist at the Mediterranean Neurological Institute (Neuromed).
“In other words, someone can follow the healthy Mediterranean diet, someone else can eat less healthily, but for all of them chili pepper has a protective effect,” she said.