7 Halloween Cocktails to Haunt your Happy Hour
Halloween Cocktails

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us which means it’s time for a Halloween cocktail.

What may have originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals has grown into something a bit… spookier. Some people love the trick-or-treating. Others love a nice haunted house. Some love a clever DIY costume.

But you, our loyal Small Axe Patron? Well, of course, you are all about the witch’s brew. A nice ‘boo-zy’ concoction that’ll really terrify your taste buds; an eerie potion guaranteed to to petrify the palate.

So pick your poison with these Halloween cocktails, that are as spooky as they are spicy.

7 Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Spicy Mezcal Cocktail

Below are the ingredients for the delicious spicy mezcal cocktail that we collaborated to create. It’s a bit sweet, a bit salty, and of course a bit spicy. All the delicious and fresh ingredient combine for a delicious and refreshing mezcal-based cocktail that is a great way to get the night started!

Spicy Mezcal Cocktail Ingredients

Halloween Bronx Bloody Mary

Sure, you’ve had a Bloody Mary before, but have you had one with a blazing Bronx bite? Bartender Bryan Roncancio is back at The Roost working his magic! Watch as he concocts this special Bloody Mary recipe that’s guaranteed to haunt your guests at your next Halloween happy hour!

New York Street Corner Halloween Cocktail

This fruity cocktail isn’t all fun and games. Let’s just say there is a trick that goes with this treat. That’s right, its fiery finish makes for a ghoulishly good drink.

Watch above as Teddy spices up this quintessential New York City cocktail, blending his favorite tropical fruit with Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango for a hell of a Halloween cocktail!

The Compa

This egg-white-based cocktail, that we like to call ‘The Compa’, is spiced up (and spooked up) with none other than Small Axe’s very own Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Yes, that is our spiciest product and no, this boo-zy drink ain’t for the weak palates out there.

Brooklyn Derby Halloween Cocktail

Our guy Teddy is at the Roost whipping up this bourbon-based beverage.

Watch below as he spices up this Brooklyn-born cocktail — that’s as sweet and sour as it is zesty — with a nice jab of Small Axe Pepper’s The Bronx Green Hot Sauce. This halloween cocktail’s blazing Bronx bite will have your visitor’s begging for mercy!

Loup Garou Rum Punch

No shapeshifting here… just one howling good Halloween cocktail heated up with Small Axe Pepper’s Habanero Ginger Hot Sauce!

The Loup Garou, named for the native mythical wolf-like boogeyman, is a cajun concoction that is both a trick and a treat! This is a voodoo concoction that’ll put a tingling spell on anyone who dares drink it. Don’t believe us? Witch, please. Go ahead and try for yourself.

And one last Halloween cocktail for the very bravest…

Still not sure that these are spicy enough for you? Well, this last one is for the very brave… and yes… this Halloween cocktail will leave you looking as if you’ve seen a ghost.

Ghost Pepper Margarita

Halloween Cocktail Ghost Pepper Margarita

Spicy Margaritas are a thing. A delicious and zesty thing and, yes, we all love them. They are the next evolution in the classic margarita, which is one of the greatest fusions of American and Mexican culture. However, this is Halloween which means we need to make it scary. And what is scarier than a Ghost? Well, I can think of one thing — A ghost pepper.  So, to make sure you’re scared straight, we bring you the Ghost Pepper Margarita — A Halloween Cocktail guaranteed to light your happy hour on fire.