Habanero Mango Hot Sauce Recipes
Habanero Chillies

Habanero Mango. Mango Habanero. An unlikely but delightful combination, indeed.

But isn’t that what creativity is all about? The ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate something novel.

Well, the serendipitous combination of these two unrelated concepts (a South American pepper and a South East Asian fruit), is nothing short of a culinary miracle. The lushness of the Mango, which certainly brings the sweet, neutralizes the intense spiciness of the Habanero, which certainly brings the heat.

And thanks to the blending of these god-given flavors, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for those looking to tingle their tongues but also keep it sweet.

See below the innovative ideas being cooked up by mixing savory mangos with stinging habanero peppers.

Habanero Mango Chicken Wings Recipe

Habanero Mango Chicken WingsWhen it comes to chicken wing flavors, you’ve seen it all, right? Wrong. Just when you thought there was no where left to go, we’ve found a new delicious flavor to add to your favorite sports bar treat. However, this one comes with a twist.

In the spirit of the country’s robust diversity we’ve added a little extra flavor to this oh-so-American staple. How about a taste of Mexico and a hint of Asia in these baked wings? Oh yeah, these Habanero Mango Chicken Wings add a worldly kick to America’s favorite snack.  Click here for the recipe.

New York Street Corner Cocktail

New York Street Corner Cocktail

This quintessential New York City cocktail is getting a Small Axe makeover. That means, yes, adding a habanero mango sauce to drink. Though it may sound crazy, its fruity sweetness compliments that oh-so-necessary hint of habanero that’ll help heat up your weekend right. Come on, y’all, it’s #itsfiveoclocksomewhere so what’re you waiting for? Follow Teddy’s instructions and you’ll be enjoying an explosion of heat and sweet, in a cocktail that’s guaranteed have you coming back for more. Click here for the recipe.

Habanero Mango Cheeseballs

Habanero Mango cheeseball

Looking for that perfect appetizer to serve at your next late spring get together? We were too. However, rather than just googling another recipe, we decided to get creative and experiment with some resources of our own. The end result? A Small Axe original recipe: Spicy Habanero Mango Cheeseballs.

I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love cheeseballs?

This delicious spread is loaded with a sweet heat flavor that goes great with just about any refreshment. So whip up this simple but zesty cheeseball the night before for an easy appetizer or snack. Oh, and it also goes great with bagels. Click here for the recipe.

Habanero Mango Hellfire Chili

Hellfire ChiliDid you know that chili originated from what is now northern Mexico and southern Texas in the 1850s?

Since then it has evolved in many different directions — sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy. Well, this recipe has both. That’s right, the name says it all. Each spoonful will deliver an initial explosion of fruity sweetness followed up by a blazing finish of habanero hellfire. Click here for the recipe.

Habanero Mango & Ginger Fried Rice

Habanero Ginger Mango Fried Rice

Who doesn’t love a good fried rice?

Seriously, who?

Ok, maybe this one seems like a mouthful. You know, with: mango, ginger, and habanero. That is quite the combination of flavors. But don’t worry, this one has been tested and tested and finally perfected. However, you can think of it as a spicier, more flavorful spin on that delicious pineapple fried you devoured the last time you went to a Thai restaurant. Trust us, if made correctly, you’ll never think of fried rice in the same way.  Click here for the recipe.

Glazed Habanero Mango Chicken

Habanero Mango chickenThis dish combines fresh, ripe mangoes with the heat of habaneros and sweet honey to make a perfect glaze for roasted or grilled chicken.

You’ll be amazed what a little habanero mango sauce can do to grilled chicken.

Done in 45 minutes, it will definitely impress and your and your fellow eaters will feel like you’re on a tropical getaway!

But, as always, it’s a bit more nuanced than glazing. Click here for the recipe.

Ready for the secret ingredient?

Of course, the secret is in the sauce. Made with mangoes and tamarind paste, Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango sauce is a fruity Southeast Asian hot sauce with the consistency of a chutney and the sweetness of a delicious Thai curry. Pairs perfectly with eggs, stir fry, and any soups for a punch of heat and soothing sweetness! It was so good that it was even a best-seller on Hot Ones Season 7.

You can buy below. Or for all you New Yorkers, you can stop by your local Heatonist location to buy a bottle of Habanero Mango Hot Sauce directly off the shelf.