Truly Living Well, Atlanta Georgia
Growing Food, People, and Community
Truly Living Well is committed to bringing good food, good health and well-being to Atlanta’s urban community.

Today, 81% of Americans live in metropolitan areas. The urbanization of our world makes bringing farming to our cities, not just a good idea, but an essential one if we are to secure and sustain a sufficient fresh food supply for all.  Truly Living Well’s guiding principles are to emulate nature in the production of food, educate the community old and young, and create a green space where the community can gather and be creative. The work of TLW builds a local sustainable food economy by demonstrating the viability of producing high quality, naturally grown fruits and vegetables in the urban environment. Their farm sites in Metro Atlanta produce Certified Naturally Grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other added-value products. Our model establishes the transformative power of urban agriculture.

“I value greatly the contributions Truly Living Well is making to Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, the neighborhood that raised Martin Luther King, Jr. They are providing summer programs for our youth and workforce training and economic development opportunities for our adults.
Kwanza Hall, District Two Representative, Atlanta City Council
"Many people and nonprofits talk about growing food; Truly Living Well actually does it, and does it well."
John Bare, Vice President, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
"Truly Living Well has created an outstanding model for urban farming that can be adopted nationwide. TLW is recognized nationally by food movement stakeholders as the jewel in the South that is progressive and intentional about the work we all are undertaking."
Will Allen, President of Growing Power
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Truly Living Well (TLW) grows better communities by connecting people with the land through education, training, and demonstration of economic success in natural urban agriculture. We demonstrate sustainable and economically viable solutions for helping people to eat and live better.

Each bottle of hot sauce purchased directly supports Truly Living Well Atlanta  as well as many other gardens with vibrant social missions to strengthen the fabric of urban neighborhoods.

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