Rivers Run Community Garden

Rivers Run Community Garden, located on the banks of the Hutchinson River in Co-op City next to the Little League ball field, was designed, built and is maintained by members and volunteers of diverse ages and backgrounds. It sits on 320 acres, though only 20% of the land was developed, leaving many green spaces. For years, there was an empty lot on its eastern boarder that sat along the Hutchinson River. Well, that all changed when a group of the lady’s in the Building 13 Tenant Association decided they wanted to have a little fun. They started checking out various community gardens around the city and thought: why can’t we do that here? So they went to the Riverbank Association that manages Co-op City and asked if they could turn this vacant lot into a community garden. Now, this formerly vacant Co-op City waterfront property has transformed into Rivers Run Community Garden — a beautiful place where locals come together to foster the growth and success of this community. RRCG strives to accommodate the needs and abilities of all that visit including children, the elderly and those with limited mobility. In addition to growing peppers, members grow a wide variety of vegetables and flowers and the garden has hosted gardening, wellness, art and music workshops and events. Since its inception in 2014, RRCG (a not-for-profit organization) has partnered with Bronx Green Up, the Riverbay Fund, Green Thumb NYC and neighboring schools and daycare centers to transform this once neglected property into an inviting waterfront garden that provides a casual, community-oriented learning and growing environment. The garden is open to entire Co-op City community. In fact, people are even encouraged to come by and hang out in the green, riverfront oasis. Its a relaxing place, with beautiful, friendly people who are excited to come back to their roots, learn patience, and truly understand where their food is from.