Padre Plaza Success Garden

The Padre Plaza Success Garden is a shining example of what community is, what vision is and what love is. Green jobs, and community gardens are on the rise in New York City, and this garden will make you believe in the green movement.

The garden is in the heart of the barrio, and there are always people inside learning, laughing, and growing. There is a pond towards the middle of the garden that is bridged, and features fish, and is lined by stones. You will forgot you are in the city when you see lines of raised beds with tomatoes, and cabbage growing in them. The artwork at the back done by local school children is right next to a little green house by the beds.

The Padre Plaza Success Garden is a matrimony of hard work, and faith, love, health, and serves as the people’s security blanket. Whether it be the brick grill, or red wooden picnic tables that catch your fancy, this garden will leave you in love with the endless potential people and ideas have. It all started from a seed. A vision, an empty lot, a lease, a dispute, and a need brought this garden to fruition.