New Vision Community Church of Laredo
A “Little Store of Hope”
Included in this “Little Store of Hope” are some products sourced from their very own community garden. For example, The Texas Hot Sauce, which is made from peppers grown and harvested by immigrants and refugees that make up this beautiful community.

With Pastor Lucy at the helm, New Vision Community Church focuses on serving some of the most underserved communities along the US-Mexican Border. One of their projects, Joseph Store House, is a ministry and an integral part of their Church that has become known as “The Little Store of Hope.” They are able to offer high-end gourmet and organic foods to the public at heavily discounted prices. Low income communities are often priced-out of healthy foods, especially organic, but Joseph Store House makes it possible for organic foods to be affordable to anyone in Laredo. The proceeds are used to fund other missions and community projects of this dynamic church.

Support Your Local Community Gardens

“We figured out the garden is definitely an economic engine, and it’s a communal space… Our plan is to really keep figuring out how it can be a vehicle for greater social change.”

Each bottle of hot sauce purchased directly supports Detroit Food Zoo and many other gardens with vibrant social missions to strengthen the fabric of urban neighborhoods.

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