La Finca Del Sur
Learning the basics of food growing
La Finca Del Sur highlight the agricultural heritage of farmers in the American and global south.

La Finca del Sur (Spanish for “the farm of the south”) is an urban farm in Mott Haven led by women of color, pulling from its surrounding community. Founders Ginyard and Nancy Ortiz wanted to highlight the agricultural heritage of its farmers who have roots in the American and global south.

These farmers are rewriting an agricultural narrative of the Bronx. One that includes health and family as its cornerstones. “We express love to each other when we are growing food here,” says Babbs. “We are sharing food with each other; we are selling it at the farmers market, we are expressing love through healthy food that was grown right here in the neighborhood.”

The conversation at La Finca centers on food and culture in a community deprived of healthy food choices. The South Bronx is an area where healthy food is not always accessible or affordable. “People call it a food desert, but it’s really food apartheid,” says Babbs.

“[La Finca] is a collective process. It’s based on what sells at the market but also what we want to grow, what our community wants, what is relevant to our community and what is appropriate.”
Suzanne Babbs, Lead Farmer
“I think that once you become part of a community, and you become engaged in the process of building this farm, you become engaged in other aspects.”
Suzanne Babbs, Lead Farmer
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La Finca Del Sur welcomes any project that gives back to the community in a creative way.The Bronx Hot Sauce grows the serrano peppers used in their fiery sauce in La Finca’s communal beds.  The principle of sustainability in agriculture and caring for people goes hand in hand.

Each bottle of hot sauce purchased directly supports refugee gardeners and The New Roots program of the International Rescue Committee as well as many other gardens with vibrant social missions to strengthen the fabric of urban neighborhoods.

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