Mike O’Neal Memorial Community Garden (Bethany, Missouri) was founded in The garden was founded in 2014 by the local public health department health educator at the time. Mike O’Neal was the administrator for the Health Department for 11 years and he had a passion for creating a community garden that would bring community members together and for the community to be able to access healthy foods. Mike passed away in 2013 after fighting a hard battle with cancer. The garden was dedicated in his memory. and serves In 2021 we had 3 local families utilize the community garden. One community gardener donated almost 200 lbs of produce to our local food pantry. . This garden is a place where people can learn, work, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. It exemplifies community growth and contribution. For more information, check out https://www.facebook.com/Harrison-County-Health-Wellness-Coalition-109814120392046.