Gosheni Farms (new name, we used to be Hope Community Farm) (Crestwood, KY) was founded in We are in Louisville, KY, right in the heart of an urban setting. Founded in 2016. and serves We are under Gate of Hope Ministries International who established the farm as a source of hope, community and group therapy, for elderly refugees who lacked skills to thrive in the US. The skill they brought with them from their home countries is farming. We provide infrastructure and translation. They plan, till and reap the fruit of their labor. They are beginning to own the marketing aspect. When asked if they’d like to grow peppers for Small Axe again (they tried it in 2021), the answer was a resounding “yes!”. This garden is a place where people can learn, work, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. It exemplifies community growth and contribution. For more information, check out revamping since we are purchasing land and changing the name–we’ll keep you posted.