College Ave Community Garden. Genisis (Bronx, NY) was founded in About 15 or more years ago, not sure of the exact year . This space was once the home of a building , after it was demolished, an employee of parks , named Bryan advocated for the space with other community residents .

Genisis community Garden
This space was a functioning garden for education .
It became abondoned and overgrown.
In 2020 it was cleaned out and food is now being grown in the space. and serves Genisis Garden
An abundance of vegetables (collards, kale, collaloo) collards and kale was shared with resident s and also donated at a turkey giveaway for thanks giving,
Therapeutic impact for residents

College Ave Garden
Herbs grown in garden was shared with residents to aid mental health.. This garden is a place where people can learn, work, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. It exemplifies community growth and contribution. For more information, check out No.