The Bee Section at Joppy Momma’s Farm (Dallas, TX) was founded in We are located at:
7724 Carbondale Street in Joppa South Dallas just six miles south of the city center. Joppy Momma’s Farm was founded in 2021. and serves We are a nonprofit and our Co-founder grew up in Joppa. After beating diabetes by changing her diet, she wanted to share this win with her hometown. We sell vegetables and herbs to local restaurants and at farmers markets but have given away over 1000 pounds of fresh produce to people in the neighborhood. Our goal is to provide healthy and affordable food options to the Joppa community. Joppa is one of the last remaining Freedman’s towns in Texas and although its history is rich, its people have been subjected to systematic marginalization. Joppa was federally declared a food desert and many of its residents have health concerns due to poor eating habits, but we are changing that narrative! We are educating and feeding the people of Joppa, Oakcliff and South Dallas communities that have been affected and that is why we want to partner with Small Axe Peppers’ growing program; we appreciate the work you’re doing and it seems that our missions align. We want to be a part of the change!. This garden is a place where people can learn, work, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. It exemplifies community growth and contribution. For more information, check out