Games to Play with Hot Sauce

It’s late at night, you’re hanging out with friends, and  you’re bored. All you have in your pantry is a bottle of hot sauce. What do you do? Well, you could always drink it (we don’t recommend this), but why not have some fun with it instead? Here are 5 games you can play with your hot sauce to spice up your evening with friends.

Hot Sauce Roulette

This hot sauce game game is best played with 2 or more people. Start by sitting in a circle with the hot sauce in the middle. Take turns spinning the bottle, and whoever the bottle points to when it stops has to take a shot of hot sauce. The last person standing wins!

Hot Sauce Trivia

Test your knowledge with this trivia hot sauce trivia game! You can make up your own questions or find inspiration online. Whenever someone gets an answer incorrect, they have to take a shot of hot sauce as a punishment! We recommend using, they even have a game to guess whether a hot sauce title is real or made up!

Hot Sauceminoes

This is a hot sauce game twist on the classic game of dominoes. Players take turns placing dominoes next to each other, matching up peppers of the same kind. The first player to get rid of all their dominoes wins! The rest have to take a shot of hot sauce!

Hot Sauce Ingredient Guess

Blind taste one of your hot sauces. Try and guess every ingredient starting with the pepper and the type of vinegar, all the way through the grain of salt. The player who guesses the most ingredients correctly at the end of the game wins!

This game is much harder said than done, especially with Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce. All of our sauces have a lot of natural ingredients and nuance. We don’t just put chili peppers with vinegar and call it a day. We meticulously source our ingredients, whether it be premium grade smoked paprika, kosher fish sauce, locally produced honey, or fresh juicy mangos. If you are just starting out tasting hot sauces, we recommend you start with our Jalapeno Hot Sauce Three Pack, so you can taste all the nuance of every sauce, without getting overwhelmed by heat! As your tolerance gets higher, you can work your way up to the Serrano Hot Sauce Three Pack, before taking on the Habanero Hot Sauce Three Pack. From mild to wild, with our sauces, you can train your taste buds to discern not only heat, but also amazing flavor!

So there you have it— hot sauce games to play with your hot sauce when you’re bored in the middle of the night! Whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends, we hope you have fun and don’t take any shots that are too hot for comfort! These games are sure to provide some Entertainment with a capital E. So liven up your next party by adding a little spice – literally! Your friends will thank you… once they stop crying tears of pain, that is. Let us know how it goes – we’ll be cheering you on from a safe distance.