Dates Announced for 2023 Community Garden Roadtrip!

I am thrilled to announce the dates for my cross-country Community Gardens Awareness Tour. My name is Daniel Fitzgerald, and I will be traveling across America to visit 80 gardens, in 58 towns, across 24 states. My goal is to showcase the people, places, and partners who make up the Small Axe community and highlight the uniqueness and similarities of America’s regional gardens. As I travel, I will be documenting our journey on Small Axe Peppers’ social media channels.

At Small Axe Peppers, we are committed to sustainability and community building. To support these efforts, we have donated over 9000 seeds to these gardens in 2023, which will be used as starters for hot pepper plants, the key ingredient in our unique hot sauce flavors. Our brand philosophy has always been “we are alike my friends that we are unalike.”

I have traveled a bunch, both domestically and international.  I am looking forward to seeing and recording our similarities, as well as our uniqueness: obvious differences in geography, color, socioeconomic, and culture.

I believe each garden I visit represents a microcosm of American in 2023. Our purpose is to see how everyone is a small axe fighting for healthier food, greener cities, and a greater sense of community.The journey promises to be an inspiring, informative journey. I hope to highlight the importance of community building and sustainability in America, and we invite you to join us on this journey. Dates are subject to change…

Tour dates below:

March 12: Los Angeles

March 13: Southern California

March 14: Driving

March 15: Utah

March 16: Dallas/Fort Worth

March 17: Dallas/Fort Worth

March 18: Austin

March 19: Houston

March 20: Houston


April 10: Philadelphia

April 11: Baltimore/Washington

April 12: Virginia

April 13: Virginia

April 14: North Carolina

April 15: North Carolina

April 16: Georgia

April 17: Georgia

April 18: Georgia

April 19: Louisville

April 20: Louisville

April 21: Cincinnati

April 22: Driving

April 23: Driving

April 24: Alabama

April 25: Alabama

April 26: Louisiana

April 27: Louisiana


May 8: Chicago

May 9: Chicago:

May 10: Indiana

May 11: Michigan

May 12: Michigan

May 13: Ohio

May 14: Upstate New York

May 15: New York City