Community Garden Heating Things Up In The Bronx With New Hot Sauce

Because this time of year, the grounds sizzle thanks to flower beds packed with Serrano pepper plants donated by proud New Yorker and businessman John Crotty.

“The goal is to get to 5,000 pounds of peppers grown in the Bronx,” he said.

It’s all part of his dream to bring pride and product to a struggling neighborhood.

Crotty buys back the ripened peppers at $4 a pound. The proceeds then go back to fund the community garden and the peppers ship to a New York City-based hot sauce maker.

“We wanted to use the tag line, ‘The Bronx is Burning’ for a whole new reason because we thought it would turn around a bad perception of a great place,” Crotty said.

So far, his plan is working. Crotty teamed up with his childhood friend Chef King Phojanakong to create the perfect pepper sauce called “The Bronx Hot Sauce.”

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