AJR & Small Axe Peppers Collaborate on a New Hot Sauce
AJR with Chef King

And just like that…. BANG! A new Hot Sauce!

AJR Bang Hot Sauce

That’s right, Small Axe Peppers has recently teamed up with the indie pop band, AJR, on our newest Hot Sauce to date – AJR Bang Hot Sauce.

Small Axe Pepper’s very own, in-house chef, King Phojanakong, worked with the trio, composed of multi-instrumentalist brothers Jack, Ryan, and Adam Metzger, to create a new sauce named after their 2020 hit song BANG!

Made with Jalapeños, Serrano Peppers, Garlic, Onions, ACV, Sugar and Salt, this banging sauce creates a uniquely New York City blend of fiery, bitter, hot and umami flavors.

A mouth-watering medley of locally-sourced peppers from more than 30 community gardens throughout the Bronx and Queens, makes for a sauce that reflects the eclectic and vibrant energy of AJR’s music combined harmoniously with the passion of the growers and strength of the local communities.

AJR Bang Hot Sauce

“We’d been wanting to make a hot sauce for some time,” said AJR band-member Adam Met. “Once we wrote Bang! we knew this was the perfect time for it, but we wanted to do it with someone who had sustainability as a core value. We were really impressed with the mission of Small Axe Peppers and knew we could make an amazing hot sauce together.”

Powered by Warner Music Artist Services, the unique partnership was built from a shared love and concern for their hometown and a strong desire to help others. Small Axe Peppers started in the Bronx community gardens in the spring 2014 with the goal to connect people directly to the community gardens and urban farms in their neighborhood. Like the Small Axe Peppers creators, the AJR brothers were born and raised in New York City and are passionate about sustainability and helping the city thrive during these unprecedented times.

“Our collaboration was born from a shared mission: to help advocate for positive change in the world. Both AJR and Small Axe Peppers believe that giving back to your community is essential,” said John A. Crotty, Co-founder of Small Axe Peppers. “Each bottle of BANG! Hot Sauce directly supports the local gardens and gardeners that grow peppers for this product.”

AJR Bang Hot Sauce

“BANG is a great name for a song and a hot sauce! It pretty much sums up what we put in the bottle: an explosion of flavors inspired by my two favorite sauces, the Bronx and Queens 7,” said Chef King.

In addition to their newest sauce BANG!, Small Axe Peppers currently offers The Bronx Red Hot Sauce (Red Serrano pepper), The Bronx Green Hot Sauce (Green Serrano pepper), Los Angeles Hot Sauce (Habanero Mango),The Baltimore (Habanero Ginger), Queens 7 Hot Sauce (Jalapeño), the Detroit Hot Sauce (Ghost pepper), The Chicago Hot Sauce (red hot Jalapeño), The Oakland Hot Sauce (California Raisin) and The Texas Hot Sauce (Tangy Tamarindo). All products are $6.99 each and available on Amazon and on the Small Axe Pepper’s Website. BANG! can also be found on AJR’s Webstore.

About AJR

AJR Bang Hot Sauce

AJR is a genre bending multi-Platinum band from New York City. The band’s music has crossed more than two billion streams worldwide and 200 million YouTube views. They’ve earned numerous accolades including “Sober Up” as Spotify’s ‘Best Rock Songs of 2010’s’ and “Weak” included in Apple Music‘s ‘Best Alternative Songs of 2010’s’ list. They’ve appeared at festivals including Forecastle, Lollapalooza, Reading and Leeds, Bumbershoot, sold more than 150,000 tickets in 2019, and performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Good Morning America and Today.

AJR Bang Hot Sauce

Both AJR and Small Axe Peppers believe that giving back to your community is essential. Each bottle of BANG! Hot Sauce, like all of Small Axe Pepper’s sauces, directly supports the local gardens and gardeners that grow peppers for this product.