Growing Community Hot Sauce
Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce is made with peppers purchased from community gardens in cities across America.

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Support These Gardens

Heat That Helps
Each bottle of hot sauce directly supports the gardens and gardeners that grow peppers for this hot sauce.
Because of you, we have purchased thousands of pounds of peppers from community gardens at a premium price.

Featured Products

Small Axe Peppers, New York City Hot Sauce Three Pack
The New York City Three Pack takes you on a spicy sojourn through some of the Big Apples’ world-famous boroughs. Made with peppers grown in The Bronx and Queens, its flavors are inspired by New York’s incomparable diversity and dynamism.
Small Axe Peppers, Hot Ones Hot Sauce Three Pack
With this limited-time offer, you can try all three of the Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauces featured on Hot Ones: The Bronx Hot Sauce, Habanero Mango, and The Chicago Hot Sauce.
Small Axe Peppers, Habanero Hot Sauce Three Pack
From the tangy, habanero ginger Caribbean Hot Sauce, through the fruity, spicy-sweet chutney of the habanero mango, to the smokey chipotle ghost pepper flavor, this habanero hot sauce three pack is not for the faint of heart!